March 12, 2021

What Is Your Life Vision? With Clint McInnes

What Is Your Life Vision? With Clint McInnes
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In todays episode I sit down and chat with Clint McInnes, a man who has an extraordinary story to tell of how hard work and persistence lead him to his dream job with a good work/life balance. 

From working on his grandads farm to the copper mines of Utah , then becoming a highly sought after tattoo artist, Clint's story will inspire you to take action and get after your ambitions. 

Call to action: Share what vision you have for your life and how you are going to achieve it? Tag The Curious Ulsterman and Clint's Instagram(provided below) on social media when you do!

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Here is another interview Clint did on my good friend Colt's podcast, where he discusses his turbulent early life, mental health, and how he overcame the numerous curveballs that life threw his way to achieve the life he has today.

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Clint McInnes


Tattoo artist and clothing designer, who grew up on a cattle farm in the west desert of Utah. I've got 3 kids, a wonderful wife who also has 3 kids of her own. I love the outdoors, flyfishing and hunting have become passions over the last couple of years, and I'm on a new journey to learn as much as possible about them and do them as frequently as I can get away with.