This is a podcast with you in mind. It was created to equip you with the critical real-life skills and wisdom that you weren't taught in school. I'll be interviewing people from all walks of life, including CEO's, veterans, therapists, and a host of other characters that will bring the life lessons and wisdom that they have learned on their life's journey so far, right to this podcast. This show will give you the tools to not just get by in adulthood, but to ultimately thrive.

About the Hosts

Nathan (The Jolly Viking)Profile Photo

Nathan (The Jolly Viking)

Wishes he was a Viking
From England's second largest county, Yorkshire.
He left home and travelled the world on her majesty's service before returning back to the North. A fully paid up card carrying Christian, but don't hold that against him.
Past times include; beekeeping, beer brewing and telling endless stories about his life experiences.

Johnny (The Curious Ulsterman)Profile Photo

Johnny (The Curious Ulsterman)

Maritime Engineer

Johnny is the founder and host of The Curious Ulsterman Podcast. Hailing from a small town in Northern Ireland, he left home to study maritime engineering and has lived all over the UK for the past ten years. His favourite past times are canoe expeditions, astronomy and photography.