June 4, 2021

Fixing Your Relationship With Food.

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In todays episode I sit down with Charlotte Fisher MSc BSc. She is a performance and lifestyle nutritionist who's specialist areas are compassionate weight management, non diet nutrition and sports performance.

During the course of our conversation we discussed:-

How to fix our cultures relationship with food

Why labelling food groups as good and bad out of context is a bad idea

How to sustainably achieve your goals in an enjoyable way

The concept of whole hearted living

The various diets advertised on the market today(Keto, Vegan etc) and whether or not they actually work in the modern world?

To connect with Charlotte and her content on nutrition see details provided below :-

Website: www.cf-nutrition.co.uk 

Instagram: @charlotte.f.nutrition 

Tik Tok: @charlottef.nutrition 

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