Jan. 9, 2021

Podcast Podception

Podcast Podception
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In this solo episode I discuss my podcast recommendations and why I think they are great podcasts.

I also discuss the podcasts successful launch day as well as my future plans for the show. Enjoy!

Here is Aaron McConnell's (podcast sound engineer) SoundCloud link in the show.

Here are the links to the podcast's I mentioned. Let me know what you think about this podcast list, do you listen to any of them as well? 

Thought provoking podcasts:-

The Minimalists:  https://www.theminimalists.com/podcast/

Matt D'Avella YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/blackboxfilmcompany

Making Sense: https://samharris.org/podcast/

Order Of Man: https://www.orderofman.com/podcast-3/

Podcast Freedom: https://open.spotify.com/show/5TZLxThUuYC2HqRXSSNHmp

And here's the links to the two episodes were I featured as a guest on Chad's show:

Ep1: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2P78GjqsgsIFp1pMmFxCVl

Ep2: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1sKtT9PxO1NKBXqR2uN2Cz

7 Good Minutes: https://7goodminutes.com/

The Daily Stoic: https://dailystoic.com/podcast/

Ryan Holiday's books: https://ryanholiday.net/ryan-holiday-books/

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meditations-Penguin-Pocket-Hardbacks-Aurelius/dp/0141395869/ref=sr_1_7?crid=28SW08BAZ5ESD&dchild=1&keywords=meditations+marcus+aurelius&qid=1610195164&sprefix=medit%2Caps%2C490&sr=8-7

The Joe Rogan Experience:  https://open.spotify.com/show/4rOoJ6Egrf8K2IrywzwOMk

Ted Talks Daily: https://www.ted.com/about/programs-initiatives/ted-talks/ted-talks-daily 

A podcast I forgot to mention was the mental health one I listen to, the Colt Gordon podcast:  https://open.spotify.com/show/1AoDh5AnYJzjLiGwxbc0nd


Dirt Civil: https://open.spotify.com/show/7ljD0uRSKEF7LpCEtg4G0h

No Blacks, No Dogs, no Irish: https://open.spotify.com/show/04Ue4yN4g74RhfJCTIXwK2

Tea With Me: https://open.spotify.com/show/2Nf8VkaljXtfvesRsIxXIy

General Banter Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/6OKXaKgDmf1ocpfBFlA3jg

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TCUlsterman

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecuriousulsterman

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thecuriousulsterman

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Thanks for tuning in folks, all the best!

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Speaker 1:


Speaker 2:

Everyone. And welcome to the curious Ulsterman podcast. The podcast designed to give you the tools you need to thrive as an adult and welcome back folks. It's been five days since launch day and the podcast is coming along really well. We had a really successful launch day, lots of and loads a lot more than I anticipated. Um , YouTube is coming along really well. And yes. So I want to find all of you who have helped the podcast get to where it has so far. Thank you for the continued support. So today's episode is going to be just me. I know that certainly I sat in the trailer that the first Friday of every month it would be me and Nathan and we would have a theme to discuss, but because obviously it was launched day and I released that episode on launch day to give you an idea of what to expect. It didn't have anything for Friday, but that's fine. Uh , I decided to do a solo. Uh , this podcast is in its early development. So anything goes , uh, if you do like me doing solo episodes, please do let me know on the various socials. And , uh, yeah, I can incorporate it into the podcast if you want. So today's episode is going to be just a lighthearted chat, nothing too serious. I'm just going to discuss podcasting and more specifically what I listened to podcast wise and why and how that inspired me to get into podcasting. But before I do do that , uh, I would like to discuss a few things , uh, in relation to how the podcast is developing already , uh, some really good growth, especially in the downloads. Um, but based on your experience of launch day, what I would like to get some feedback from you specifically , uh, what about the variety of the episodes of the launch day ? Did you, do you like the variety to this podcast it's going to bring, or is it too broad and you would like me to perhaps focus on just a few topics. The other thing I'd love to get your feedback on is what did you enjoy the most? Like what it was it, the mental health episode , cyber security , um, and why ? Um, yeah, I've got a lot of feedback. Everybody enjoyed every episode by the science of it, but I want to know what you enjoyed the most and what do you want to see more of in the way of subjects and guests? Uh, I've got a lot of plans and a lot of guests coming on, but I'm open to suggestion as well. Uh, just an update on the Twitch. And I know this will disappoint a few people, but we have decided what me and Nathan have decided that we're not going to do Twitch every Friday, which I know will disappoint some people I ever, we have agreed that we will do Twitch at least once a quarter. And the reason behind this is we just felt that less is more in this case and that if we turn off every Friday, yes, we can just chat away. But we felt we could bring a better experience to use if we just did this once a quarter and you know, it wouldn't be restricted to one, our , we could have those free our Twitch sessions and, you know, the audience can get involved and we can discuss anything and everything in that regard. So let me know what you think about that. Uh , I hope I haven't disappointed too many of you cause I know a lot of you did enjoy that, but certainly with the direction I want to take this podcast, I want to make it better in all regards. And I feel going in this direction, at least for Twitch is the best way to go. Just to give you an update as well. On other aspects of this podcast, I intend to run no odds, at least in the short term for this podcast. I instead, I'm going to attempt to have a community funded. So if you find value in the content that I provide, then please do consider a one-off or recurring donation on Patrion or PayPal. That link that's provided in the show notes. I would really appreciate that. Just give whatever you can and it'll help with running costs and help me invest in new and better equipment so that I can bring a much better podcast to you. The listener , uh , anything is appreciated. Thank you so much. Uh, the only other thing I want to talk about is , uh, an unsung hero in this podcast and that is our McConnell. A lot of you don't know who he is, but he's a very good friend of mine. And he's also the only reason this podcast key am I on time and is of the good audio quality , uh , that you've come to know , uh, Arne as a , uh , very talented musician. And he's also just really handy with sign editing. And I can to him, if I think three or four days notice prior to, well, prior to the podcast launching when frankly, I don't know what I'm doing with podcast editing, would you consider doing this and saving the day to which he is he rightly done? So a big shout out to you , Aaron , if you would like to hear on his music , uh, I will provide Hayes , uh, sign , close link and the show notes, so you can enjoy his music. And , uh, I I've always enjoyed his music and I'm sure you will too. So that's all the updates it's , uh , for the podcast getting into today's discussion and , uh , is what podcasts do I listen to and why I recommend them. So to kick off , to kick us off , uh , my podcast Ts are split into two categories and not his fault provoking ones and comedy . Uh, so I'll start with the fault provoking ones. And one has had a big impact on my life is the minimalist podcast by Joshua Fields, Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. Uh , they were originally in the corporate world. Uh , Nan, I think about 10 years ago, I decided to , to leave and become minimalists. Um, I think that there's a lot of, you know, misconstrued ideas about minimalism and they do a very good job of dispelling, any myths and nonsense surrounding that , uh , very good podcast. The lineup of guests and the subjects discussed are really great wholesome , uh, and yeah, just an all around great podcast. Um, they do have various books, so, but boy, their biggest thing today is that they have a brand new Netflix documentary. I , uh, Lester's NY , uh, not was directed by Matt, the availa . Who's also very big on YouTube, so you can probably check him out as well.

Speaker 3:

And yeah, that's ,

Speaker 2:

Uh , my first podcast, the second one would be some Horace making sense. Uh , some is without a doubt, one of the most intelligent books on the planet. And certainly with his podcast, I leave more smarter , uh, from listening to that podcast than I did at the beginning of the episode. And he is just such a way of articulating really complex issues in the world today. And it's always fought provoking , uh , you know, has never, in my opinion, has never a dull episode and moving on from that one, my next one would be the order of mine. And this is an interesting one. I've personally benefited a lot from this podcast. This is a podcast about becoming a better man , uh, in a variety of ways. Uh , but the angle is to become a better man so that you can better serve your family and community and , uh, the line of guests and not one is astonishing as well. And just the variety of topics discussed. And Ryan is also , uh, just committed to helping as many men as possible achieve, you know , what they're capable of. So yeah, definitely check that one. I , uh, I'm I suppose actually I have a question for you, NY , eh , have you ever considered starting your own podcast or do you have a podcast? Um, the reason I ask this is because this next podcast that I listened to, I find really good , uh , especially in my early podcasting journey and that is podcast freedom with Chad Robson and he has loads of experience with editing people's podcasts. And now he's finally taken the plunge and started his own on his really good as you would expect. Very, very polished , uh, coming from Alma heavens his experience and he tackles loads of subjects that new and experienced podcasters fierce. So for me, it was really good talking about, you know, how to properly set up your podcast and what to expect and the best way to go about it. But if you're an established podcast, we'll also discuss how to grow your listeners and provide a better podcasting experience. I was lucky enough to be a guest on his show, not once but twice , uh, which was great. You know, I hadn't even released my podcast and he'd asked me to come on his show, which was a great honor. So I'll put the links to that in the show notes and hopefully you'll enjoy those episodes. The next one a is a strange one, but a nice one. And that's seven good minutes , uh , with Clive Lee , Dennis, and it's in the title, it's a seven minute podcast , but it's all the good vibes and just, you know, seven minutes of, you know, nice, wholesome content , um, that, you know, especially if you listened to that first thing in the morning or whatever part of your day, just having a quick five minute boost , uh , I've always find is quite helpful. The next one is the daily stoic by Ryan holiday. And I think a lot of people I've heard of stoicism, but don't really know what that is. So to give you a very succinct , uh , idea of what stoicism is , uh , stoicism is , uh , the insurance of PN or hardship of white , the display of feelings and without complaint, or , um, another way to describe it is an ancient Greek school of philosophy. Find it at Athens by Z , no of cityum and the school taught the virtue. The highest good is based on knowledge. The wise live in harmony with the divine reason, also identified with FIA and Providence that governs nature and are indifferent to the vicissitudes of fortune on to pleasure and pain. So that's a pretty succinct , um, description for an incredibly complex subject, but , uh , why I would recommend that one is it has so many good insights into how to better deal of your day . There's some quotes, timeless quotes there, and , uh, on the broader, yeah , subject of stoicism, I would really recommend a book called , uh , meditation. So it was written by the Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius. And I'm going to put you at the timeline here, but I'm going to say I buy two , five years ago and it's absolutely timeless. One of the best books certainly I've ever read. I don't think I've ever heard a bad review about it. So , uh, Paul casting wise, and book-wise , I'd really recommend that one. Uh, Ryan holiday also has a two books site as well, which are worth checking. I'll link those in the show notes. And I mean, if we're going to talk about podcasts, I don't think we can talk about podcasts. If I mentioning Joe Rogan, he's pretty obvious , you know , probably talk to the board at the minute as usual. Uh, I think we all liked that one just for the variety of guests and topics , you know, nothing's off limits, which is create a , and the final , um, fault provoking podcast I would listen to would be Ted talk , stealing , you know, he doesn't like a good Ted talk and , uh, yeah, I could go on all day by great Ted talks and stuff, but I'll just let you hopefully subscribe to that one and you can get the benefit for yourself. So completely switching to the other side of the spectrum, nine comedy , um , you know, gone from taking things quite seriously to not taking them seriously at all. Um, full disclaimer, all the podcasts I'm about dimension are from Northern Ireland and, you know, there's loads of really good comedy podcasts out there, but I just like the comedy scene in Northern Ireland at the minute and the podcasts are associated with , uh , so to kick it off, probably the first one I ever listened to , uh , and still listened to , um, and had a big influence in me, starting a podcast was dirt civil with the comedian on MCON on Tim Gallagher has a Christian friend and , um, the whole podcast, I, the reason I like it and the reason I recommend it is because there are two completely different characters, but very good friends. And yeah, it's just the subjects are class, the bonders CLOs . And , uh, yeah, I just never a dull episode. Uh, my next one, which, you know, I'm going to caution to see your has quite a provocative title, but they're with me and that is no blacks, no dogs, no Irish with , uh , comedians, Victoria, when Joloni and Mo Omar , uh, I asked you to not preempt and judge the title , uh, I'd give their podcast , the lesson . It's a , it's very good to very good friends and they just, you know, chat about everything really. And , uh, yeah, I really liked that podcast as well. Um, next one probably would be T with me by she and Todd and this one, I really like because of high chilled , I , it is, you know, sit there and weigh a cup of tea and try not to spill it as you laugh. Uh, try not to, you know, end up in a Annie with the stitches because you're constantly laughing too much. Uh, yeah, it's really good. One I'd recommend. And probably the final comedy one I would recommend would be the general Bunder podcast by going Colin Geddes . And the reason I'd recommend that is because of all the comedians I've mentioned, they're usually on his show either on a weekly or regular basis. And yeah, Northern Irish humor can be quite unique and not everybody gets it, but it's for me, I really enjoy it. And that's the podcasts. Certainly the, I listened to, if you have any podcasts that you would recommend that I listened to, I'm always open for suggestion, always open to broadening my podcasts , horizons and getting inspiration and , uh , yeah, that's everything for me for today's episode. Uh, I'm thinking that if I do a solo one again, I'll pick a theme and do a deep dive into it and give my own perspective whether you want that or not. Please do let me know. Uh , there's going to be a lot of experimentation with this podcast in the beginning to see what works and what doesn't, what do people like , uh, but all the cm , I thank you immensely for tuning in today. And if you have enjoyed the content , uh , please do subscribe, leave a rating. And a review that really, really helps us podcast grow and also subscribe to all the social media channels , um, on , uh, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter on Twitch, and all the curious Ulsterman. And once again, if you have find value in the content, I've provided them , please do consider leaving a one-time or recurring donation on Patreon or PayPal. And the links provided the, I really appreciate that. I'll be over the moon. So that's everything from me, folks. Thank you so much again, all the best bye for now.

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